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Blackfoot - Peigan Bahais

Allan Prairie Chicken Pikuni Baha'i

Allan and his wife Maggie Prairie Chicken were the first Blackfoot (Peigan -Pikuni) to declare as Baha'is. They declared in Alberta, Canada on March 1958.

Allan (Otakkoyiisaapo'p) Prairie Chicken .

I'm still researching Allan and Maggie. If anyone has additional information please contact me at: Thanks!

Sampson and Rosie Knowlton declared as Baha'i in 1958 in Canada.

In Baha'i News August 1959 page 10 there is mention of Sampson Knowlton being a Baha'i Councillor.

I'm still working on this too. Please help if you can. Thanks

Louise and Ben White Cow Blackfoot Peigan Baha'is. Declared as Baha'is around 1958-59

Agnes and Sam Yellow Face Blackfoot Peigan Bahai's. They declared around 1958-59 in Alberta, Canada

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